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Second Rains, Second Chances

Posted by on 2-Mar-2014, 4:11 pm UTC in Nature | 1 comment

Usually by February most evidence of the November-December rains has vanished....

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De-snaring Tsavo

Posted by on 29-Jan-2014, 8:28 am UTC in Community | 3 comments

The Snare by James Stephens  I hear a sudden cry of pain! There is a rabbit...

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Tiva River — Lifeline of the North

Posted by on 17-Jan-2014, 6:44 pm UTC in Community, Nature | 1 comment

For most of the year, the Tiva River appears dry and lifeless. It is a seasonal...

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Tsavo Rains

Posted by on 30-Dec-2013, 3:24 pm UTC in Nature | 6 comments

The November-December rains are a special time in Tsavo. Right before they...

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Orphaned Genet Cats

Posted by on 6-Dec-2013, 3:57 pm UTC in Nature | 8 comments

A genet cat is not really a cat. It is related to the cat family but not as...

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Chyulu Hills: Tsavo’s Water Tower

Posted by on 31-Oct-2013, 8:15 pm UTC in Nature | 1 comment

The Chyulu Hills are a relatively young volcanic field in geological terms....

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The Early History of Kenya’s National Parks by Dame Daphne Sheldrick

Posted by on 3-Sep-2013, 10:21 am UTC in Historical | 17 comments

Over 60 years ago Kenya’s first generation of pioneer wardens, Bill Woodley,...

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Kibwezi Forest — a Butterfly Oasis

Posted by on 24-Jun-2013, 7:36 am UTC in Nature | 0 comments

One of the beauties of exploring Kenya and especially hot, dry environments...

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