Posted by on 23-Jan-2016, 7:48 am UTC in Nature | 0 comments

The elephant’s plight is well known, but there are many lesser known species in much greater peril. With less than 500 individuals...

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The World’s Longest-lived Rodent

Posted by on 26-Feb-2015, 10:33 am UTC in Nature | 0 comments

Imagine living under ground for 20 years, travelling through tunnels carved out with your teeth, feeding on tubers and faeces. This may not...

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A Life Without Water

Posted by on 24-Oct-2014, 12:59 pm UTC in Featured, Nature | 1 comment

What’s the longest you have ever gone without water? This unique-looking antelope, called a gerenuk can survive its entire life...

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The Painted Wolf

Posted by on 24-Aug-2014, 7:37 pm UTC in Nature | 2 comments

For every ten hunts that a pride of lions goes on, they will typically only make three kills. African wild dogs on the other hand have at...

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Posted by on 8-Jun-2014, 12:48 pm UTC in Nature | 2 comments

Every year, dozens of different species of insects are attracted to flowering Euphorbias. They gorge themselves on nectar and in turn...

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Tsavo’s Forgotten Herd

Posted by on 4-May-2014, 8:02 am UTC in Nature | 0 comments

Can you spot the differences? The first picture is of two plains or Burchell’s zebra. They are found all over Africa, in large numbers....

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Second Rains, Second Chances

Posted by on 2-Mar-2014, 4:11 pm UTC in Nature | 1 comment

Usually by February most evidence of the November-December rains has vanished. In fact, February is typically one of the hottest months of...

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Tiva River — Lifeline of the North

Posted by on 17-Jan-2014, 6:44 pm UTC in Community, Nature | 1 comment

For most of the year, the Tiva River appears dry and lifeless. It is a seasonal river and flows for only a few weeks per annum. On the...

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