A Crop-raiding Elephant is a Hated Elephant

Posted by on 30-Mar-2016, 4:42 pm UTC in Community | 0 comments

Fifty years ago, there was widely accepted to be 45,000 elephants roaming Tsavo. These elephants were not constrained to Tsavo, however,...

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Cooking with Elephant Dung

Posted by on 8-Jun-2014, 11:16 am UTC in Community | 9 comments

Have you ever wondered what happens to the mountains of elephant dung that build up every day at DSWT’s elephant stockades? Every night...

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De-snaring Tsavo

Posted by on 29-Jan-2014, 8:28 am UTC in Community | 3 comments

The Snare by James Stephens  I hear a sudden cry of pain! There is a rabbit in a snare: Now I hear the cry again, But I cannot tell from...

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Tiva River — Lifeline of the North

Posted by on 17-Jan-2014, 6:44 pm UTC in Community, Nature | 1 comment

For most of the year, the Tiva River appears dry and lifeless. It is a seasonal river and flows for only a few weeks per annum. On the...

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Turtle Hatching

Posted by on 13-Dec-2012, 6:24 am UTC in Community, Nature | 1 comment

The endangered green turtle, which has suffered from habitat loss, poaching, pollution and a host of other human-related conflicts around...

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Lamu Cultural Festival 2012

Posted by on 13-Dec-2012, 5:36 am UTC in Community | 1 comment

Since being named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001, Lamu Old Town has held an annual cultural festival, intended to showcase the...

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Taita Skull Caves

Posted by on 26-Oct-2012, 12:54 pm UTC in Community | 1 comment

The Taita are a historically significant and culturally rich people group in the Tsavo area. They traditionally lived in the moist forests...

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A Ranger’s Life on Amu

Posted by on 11-Jul-2012, 8:13 am UTC in Community | 2 comments

Work at Amu begins early so as to avoid the intense afternoon heat. The camp begins to stir at 5:00am, when the driver sets off to collect...

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