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Posted by on 8-Jun-2014, 12:48 pm UTC in Nature | 1 comment

Every year, dozens of different species of insects are attracted to flowering Euphorbias. They gorge themselves on nectar and in turn assist the Euphorbias by spreading their pollen far and wide. Here is a small...

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Cooking with Elephant Dung

Posted by on 8-Jun-2014, 11:16 am UTC in Community | 6 comments

Have you ever wondered what happens to the mountains of elephant dung that build up every day at DSWT’s elephant stockades? Every night the orphans are brought into enclosures and by each morning several...

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Tsavo’s Forgotten Herd

Posted by on 4-May-2014, 8:02 am UTC in Nature | 0 comments

Can you spot the differences? The first picture is of two plains or...

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Second Rains, Second Chances

Posted by on 2-Mar-2014, 4:11 pm UTC in Nature | 1 comment

Usually by February most evidence of the November-December rains has vanished....

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De-snaring Tsavo

Posted by on 29-Jan-2014, 8:28 am UTC in Community | 3 comments

The Snare by James Stephens  I hear a sudden cry of pain! There is a rabbit...

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Tiva River — Lifeline of the North

Posted by on 17-Jan-2014, 6:44 pm UTC in Community, Nature | 0 comments

For most of the year, the Tiva River appears dry and lifeless. It is a seasonal...

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Tsavo Rains

Posted by on 30-Dec-2013, 3:24 pm UTC in Nature | 5 comments

The November-December rains are a special time in Tsavo. Right before they...

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Orphaned Genet Cats

Posted by on 6-Dec-2013, 3:57 pm UTC in Nature | 6 comments

A genet cat is not really a cat. It is related to the cat family but not as...

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